Heatcore Product

An efficient product concept with low emissions

HeatCore is an ultra compact and efficient gas to water heat exchanger that can be designed to operate with zero emissions. The primary heat exchanger has two simple designed main parts: a burner and a compact, highly efficient heat exchanger.


The key for the compactness of the unit is the how the burner operates and combust the fuel. With the HeatCore burner technology the combustion of e.g. natural gas is completed under hybrid combustion conditions. In brief, this means that the fuel is combusted in the burner under a mixture of flame and flame free conditions, depending on the heat load level.

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The biggest gain is environmental
Thanks to the burner technology the combustion chamber can be compressed into very low dimensions. The compactness of the final product reaches about 1/3 or more compared to conventional primary heat exchanger alternatives,  thereby also saving a significant amount of costly materials. Turbulent water flow inside the heat exchanger efficiently absorbs the heat from the hot gas along the heat exchanger surfaces. The moisture in the flue gas is fully condensed before the condensate going to drain. The product’s power density is very high, 8–10 kW per litre product volume. This gives a large geometric volume advantage, up to 60–75% less hold up volume and low material consumption compared to competing alternatives for installations in i.e. residential boilers. The thermal efficiency typically ranges between 106–109% through the operational load range allowing for cost-effective operation and low environmental impact. NOx emission can be designed to zero, CO2 to very low ppm levels, and the unburnt hydrocarbons, UCH, are zero with the standard design. In addition, the passive losses are minimized in the design by the reduced thermal mass, which certainly contributes to reduce the gas consumption.

Perhaps the largest gain is environmental. The main advantages with a smaller and lighter product are reduced carbon emissions, and reduced energy consumption associated with production, transport and storage as well as at the premises of the consumer. The overall impact of a lighter and more compact design can be huge. It gets even more significant thanks to combustion characteristics that are considerably better than for most of the alternatives. Overall, the total energy and environmental savings with HeatCore – assuming that it reaches maximum market penetration – can be compared to the energy output from several nuclear power plants, and to the carbon dioxide emissions from many larger coal power plants.


Heatcore unit 25kW.

Summary product benefits

  • Lighter – up to 75% less weight than the currently available alternatives.
  • Smaller – up to 80% less volume than today’s products.
  • Reduced total volume of the end product – a boiler with a HeatCore primary heat exchanger can be reduced in size down to half the volume of today’s boilers.
  • Increased opportunities for boiler manufacturers to meet increasingly tougher demands from the authorities.
  • Works perfectly with many different fuel types: biogas, natural gas, town gas, LPG, and fluid fuels such as diesel, gasoline, kerosene and alcohol.
  • Easier installation.
  • Easier maintenance and repair.
  • Generates very low NOx and CO2 emission levels. UCH are zero. Can be designed to generate zero emissions.
  • Lower thermal mass lowering the gas consumption.