Our Story


HeatCore continues respond to the great interest shown in the market.

Institutional and several private investors from the industry sector become funders of HeatCore and give the company significant long-term funding for launching the HeatCore product on to the market.

A diesel-fired HeatCore unit is developed via a joint development project between Catator, Dometic AB and ClimateWell AB. The objective (is to), together with Scania and Volvo, is to develop a combined heating and cooling system for the truck industry.

HeatCore AB launches the first verification tests together with a key OEM manufacturer.

The HeatCore concept is spun off from Catator and Catex forms HeatCore AB to develop and commercialize the HeatCore product.

Catator develops its own innovative heat exchanger design, better suited for safe handling of flue gases, and combines it with a burner from Catator. The concept is named HeatCore.

Catator enters a joint development with a heat exchanger manufacturer, and develops a series of conceptual designs with heat exchangers. Several different designs are developed and verified.

Catator’s parent company Catex initiates a project to develop a condensing heat exchanger for flue gases. The project is conducted and funded in cooperation with Swedish Gas Technology Centre, Nutek, and the research foundations of Sydkraft AB and Perstorp AB.

Catator AB participates in a number of studies and projects in the field of catalytic combustion. Over the years, they develop the unique wire-mesh catalyst to replace existing catalyst variants that can not handle the conditions of catalytic combustion combined with the higher temperatures of conventional flames.

Two researchers from Lund University form Catator AB to commercialize their specialist expertise in catalytic combustion.