Our Business


Bringing high effect density to the market

HeatCore AB is a Swedish company that develops, manufactures and sells primary heat exchangers for gas driven heating applications. Our market is the global OEM industry within the HVAC sector, which produces a wide variety appliances for gas driven heating product systems.

HeatCore is a qualified supplier and offdriven ers a competitive and innovative product concept with further improvement potential. We enable the boiler manufacturers to take a major step, beyond today’s increasingly tougher demands from authorities, to create better and more efficient systems for the demands of tomorrow – and to develop more compact systems, like hybrid systems in a single cabinet, with more efficient and compact gas burner technology.

Extensive experience

HeatCore is a spin off from Catator, part of the Catex Group. Catator has extensive experience in development, manufacturing and sales of catalytic burners and catalytic materials for heat exchangers. Catator was established in 1990 by two scientists with cutting-edge expertise in the area.

Our Business Model