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A revolutionary heat exchanger for the european gas boiler market

The product concept is based on the unique HeatCore burner technology with hybrid combustion and an innovative heat exchanger design.

Highly efficient

The product’s power density is very high, 8–10 kW per litre product volume. This gives a large geometric volume advantage, up to 60–75% less hold up volume and low material consumption compared to competing alternatives for installations.

A zero emission recipe

The thermal efficiency spans between 106–109% through the operational load range allowing for cost-effective operation and low environmental impact. NOx emission can be designed to zero, CO2 to very low ppm levels, and the unburnt hydrocarbon is zero with the standard design.

The most compact heat engine in the heating world

Our burner technology reduces the combustion chamber size to a minimum, which makes it possible to build a primary heat exchanger that is significantly smaller and lighter than conventional alternatives on the market.


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